Linked Noodle is build to honor the relationship between teaching and learning. We believe that it doesn’t take a degree in order to share what you know. We also believe that there’s so much to learn from the people in your community. Get to know your neighbors by learning from, and with, them.


As humanity evolves more and more value in placed on knowdegle. Our economy, community, evolution, and existential need to ask questions are all inherently tied to the pursuit of knowledge. Linked Noodle aims strengthen the knot that ties these concepts together. We believe that curiosity is what drives the human endeavor.


It’s one thing to learn from YouTube. It’s another thing to learn from a University. But what if you were able to learn from your neighbor? There’s boundless amounts of hidden talent in every community. Linked Noodle wants to make that accessible to everyone by giving teachers the ability to market their skills, and giving curious people a place to find them. You can learn from the internet, and you can learn at schools, but don’t forget to look in plain sight. What happened to apprenticeship? Learning used to be an intimate experience. Linked Noodle is here to break communities from the cookie cutter. Learn casually, whether its individually or communally, from your neighbors.