Meet the Team

Our Story

I have always been a Jack of all Trades, Master of None. With interests in everything creative from sewing to salsa dance, I’ve collected a bunch of skills along the way without necessarily becoming an expert in any one in particular. I wondered if someone really needed art degree to teach someone how to draw, or a computer science degree to teach someone how to code. I wished for a place where I could market the skills that I had, but also continue to keep learning new things. This is how I came up with Linked Noodle. I’d love nothing more than to share what I know with the people around me, and at the same time learn from my community. There’s a lot of knowledge out there, but not enough access. I want Linked Noodle to bridge that gap.

Our Mission

We don’t have have as many options for learning as we think. What options are there between teaching yourself and going through formal education? What ever happened to the concept of apprenticeship? Where can we go to learn casually? Linked Noodle wants to disrupt the way that people learn by disrupting and democratizing education. Let’s create a spectrum for learning. And let’s do it by learning from our neighbors.

Our Team

Katrina, Founder, CEO, visioneer

What's up!? I'm Katrina. I'm wandering, collecting, witnessing and learning. I'm drawn to all things found at the intersection of art and technology. If I could go back in time, I think I'd be best friends with Mark Twain, Nikola Tesla and Cleopatra. When I'm not obsessing about the human endeavor or the nature of time, I'm probably cooking or dancing.

Dimitri, Co-founder

I’m Dimitri, or “Mr. Syros” as my 8th graders at my Miami middle school would call me. When I’m not in front of my class I’m probably at a food cart in a foreign country trying a dish that I can’t pronounce. I’m all about trying new things and bringing people together. Remember those equations you learned in math class that were going to benefit you in the real world one day? Me neither. Let’s bring the authenticity back to learning by leveraging skills found right in our communities.