Become a Partner

Let’s Link Noodles

Here at Linked Noodle one of our core values is symbiosis. We’re always on the lookout to create mutually beneficial relationships. The remarkable thing about Linked Noodle is the diversity of things that can be learned. Each new skill requires a unique teacher or environment. Whether you have a pottery studio, manage a band, run a sewing circle, or own a dance company, let’s see what we can do for each other. Here’s some examples of the kind collaboration we’re looking for with our partners

  • Venues/locations
  • Business’ looking to market their teachers
  • Schools/groups/clubs
  • Community projects

Let us know what kind of partnership can work for you. Let’s take part in something greater than ourselves. Let’s join forces, link noodles and make our communities the best places to learn. Contact us at: