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Offline Learning

Your connection starts here and ends in a tangible relationship offline with your teacher and other fellow students.

Love Learning Again

Learning should be fun and we should be taking lessons that excite us with people that are equally excited.

Teach a Lesson

Are you a master at something and want to share your skills with people around you? Share your knowledge by teaching what you love.  Make money in the process.

Have a skill?  Link noodles and teach with us!

“Linked Noodle is the coolest platform I’ve ever used to find teachers. I never knew how interesting the people in my community were.”

— Elizabeth Atkinson, The ArchViz Blueprint


Linked Noodle is unique because it’s more than just a learning Platform. It’s a platform that allows you to discover the hidden gems in other people and in your community.

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Learning & Teaching


Learn from others

Search through lessons being taught in your local area by local teachers. Enroll for your lesson, show up excited, and join other enthusiastic students for an in-person learning experience.

Teach Others

Teach others to do something you love doing. Lessons can cover just about any topic, as long as you love teaching it. Loving your craft is an essential requirement to become a teacher on Linked Noodle.

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Are the lessons free?

Some lessons are free while others are paid. The cost of lessons are determined by the teachers.

What if a lesson requires multiple sessions to complete?

When selecting a lesson, you will be able to see how many sessions and which schedule the Teacher has available. You can select the schedule that works best for you. Scheduling is entirely up to the Teacher.

Is there a Membership Fee?

Linkednoodle’s membership is 100% free, however some classes may require purchase of credits.

I’m interested in Teaching on Linked Noodle, what do I need to do?

Please pre-register for an account and when our representative reaches out to you, mention that you are interested in becoming a Teacher. Teachers will need to qualify for our platform and you may need to provide some proof of your teaching experience.

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